Personality Profile: Personal Profile In Leadership And Personal Leadership

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My personality profile falls under the ENTP, which is sometime referred to as "the debater" (16personalities, n.d.). This personality type provides for a firm foundation in leadership for a few reasons: I 'm analytical, I don 't get too bogged down if plans change, I am able to interface with individuals from different backgrounds and different cultures, and above all I try to see things from other 's point of view, in addition to, viewing the opposing viewpoints that may be important to discuss.

In the workplace and in school I strive to be liked more than feared, and usually become close on a personal level with anyone under my leadership. Because I am extroverted, I like to be the center of attention, so giving speeches and being a member
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People also want to have happiness in what they do. My personality type naturally lends itself to giving others Clarity and Fairness, so I believe the other facets of the SCARF model are where the biggest impacts of my own personal leadership skills can be made. Status has always been personally important to me, however, because of my personality profile (ENTP), it 's sometimes lost on me that other people need to have a perceived concept of status as well. A few basic implementations of this understanding are: giving people more credit, even if I have done more of the work, if the person needs a status boost. The status I lose by giving another the credit could possibly be worth the extra amount of work that the person produces. Secondly, giving more positive feedback to people is something that I have always done well, but that I could possible increase in order to give those under my leadership an even larger sense of status. Finally, giving individuals a task and allowing them to find the solution for themselves is an important facet of not activating an individual 's threat response (SCARFUS). This is probably the biggest improvement that I can make, as I tend to want things done in a specific manner, and could relinquish this control in order to get more productivity out of people. Equally as important, this change in my…show more content…
The majority of the time, it 's hard for me to feel sorry for someone or to internalize their situation. I also use 'judgmental communication ' when dealing with others without knowing that I am doing so. By using the exercises on feelings, I believe I will be able communicate in a manner that doesn 't blame or punish others for my own personal feelings (SNEHUMAMBUI). I am personally quite respectful of the feelings and rights of others in a professional manner, however, it is those that are closest to me that are the victims of my own violent communication. My hope is that I will be able to use the NVC tool to further enrich my personal relationships with my friends and family so that I am seen as leader in their eyes; Not just those that I work with. The clarity that will arrive due to a more harmonious home life will surely reciprocate into my professional