Personality Essay

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“The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” (John Dewey) This quote implies that one is not born with a complete personality. Individuality is continuously developing and shaping itself through actions we take and decisions we make everyday. The variability of personality makes the subject difficult to pinpoint and define, being that there are many different theories that describe personality. The main concepts behind personality, including plasticity, development, and factors that may influence an individual’s personality, will come into focus throughout the contents of this essay. Personality Psychology is defined as “The scientific study of psychological forces that make people uniquely themselves”. (Friedman&schustack, 1999) Personality is a pattern of ones cognitions, emotions and behaviors. Among many other patterns, personality is relatively composed of attitudes, motivations, relationships, beliefs, and defenses. Every individual has a human body, mind, thoughts and feelings. In some manner individuals are all s...

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