Personality Cult Of Mao Zedong

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Chairman Mao Zedong was idolized in the eyes of his subjects. He was placed upon a pedestal and his word was taken to heart and published into the book Quotations from Chairman Mao. Mao was thought to have created a personality cult. This occurs through the use of mass media and propaganda to create a heroic/idealized image. This image is presented with a plethora of flattery and, in some cases, worshiped. The personality cult created surrounding Chairman Mao ensured that his beliefs would preserve long after his death. Mao Zedong acknowledged the importance of the mass. This insured a successful increase in population. Men were the backbone of this policy in order to provide protection for the nation. Although Mao is no longer chairman,…show more content…
The movie follows the life of a man, Fugui, that looses everything due to gambling. He uses his talent to entertain with puppets to survive war. A majority of the movie captures his life upon return from war living in a society governed by the Red Guard and beliefs of Mao. In this particular scene, citizens of the province rotated donating iron to create a ______. When the town officials asked if the family had any more iron, the young boy eagerly brought out his dad’s old puppet trunk, offering the nails as a further donation (Zhang Yimou 1994). The dedication of this young boy represents the loyalty citizens had to their…show more content…
“Some of the mass campaigns were actually designed to make China ‘physically’ stronger by directing the masses towards projects that would increase economic production and strengthen China’s infrastructure” (Weatherly 2014). By increasing the economic production, it is necessary to supply companies with viable works. Furthermore, in order to increase infrastructure throughout the country, a strong population is essential for not only creating this improvements, but also implementing and upholding them. By increasing the strength of the country as a whole, individuals will be encouraged to uphold this same responsibility and standard. Cycling back to governmental loyalty, utilizing mass campaigns, particularly for the strength of the government, allows the people to feel involved in the government and, as previously stated, increase loyalty. Mao valued a strong workforce. This placed a great importance of the citizens of China, the mass. The multiple ongoing wars, World War I, World War II, and the Sino-Japanese War, put an emphasis on the strength of Chinese citizens. At a time in which national security was crucial, men were highly valued as they typically filled such warrior –like

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