Personality Assessment: The Myers-Briggs Type Raticiers

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is probably the most accepted personality assessment used today. It is used by many leading companies including Apple and General Electric. (Carr 2000, pg 29) This test was first developed by the mother/daughter team of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers-Briggs whom expanded on Jung’s philosophy. They added a fourth category, which describes how people relate to their environment. This third pair is judgment (J) and perception (P). Judgers are people who evaluate their surroundings to bring structure and control to their lives. On the other hand, Perceivers, take in their environment and are flexible with their activities and adapt to the environment based on what comes their way. The MBTI is a test with no right or wrong answers or types. It determines the “type” of an individual and places them into 1 of 16 classifications. There is also no preferred type of personality that would be best in all situations. However, certain behaviors are preferred in certain situations or jobs. It is more important to be able to adapt to a situation when you don’t have the “right” personality. The results are meant to give a person a better understanding of their personality and actions, as opposed to measuring their intelligence or emotional stability. ( The MBTI system provides the individual with a four letter code. This code is based on the four behaviors as mentioned earlier. These letters are always in the same order regardless of the dominance of the function. • 1st Letter – E(extravert) or I(introvert) – Orientation • 2nd Letter – S(sensing) or N(intuition) – Gather Information • 3rd Letter – T(thinking) or F(feeling) – Decision Making • 4th Letter – J(judging) or P(perc... ... middle of paper ... ...Energizer is closely matched with the Sanguine temperament, the Bridge Builder is closely matched with the Melancholic, the Thinker is closely matched with the Phlegmatic, and the Bottom Liner is closely matched with the Choleric. As mentioned earlier, the basis for most of the personality assessments includes the same basic definition, just described with different terms. All of these methods provide a guide to better understand yourself and others, but should not be viewed as a definitive definition. An individual’s personality can be affected by their outside influences at the time the test was taken. Everything changes, and it’s important to note that you have to be knowledgeable about yourself and others. Additionally, you might have to re-evaluate your assessment more than once in your life to see how your values and thoughts have changed over the years.
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