Personality Assessment Essay

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Sarason (2014) defines a personality assessment as a measurement of personality characteristics, which is used to objectively seek and measure individual’s traits, and relate them to social aspects of behaviour. Many standard personality tests are considered cross-culturally competent, thus appropriate to analyse and interpret Indigenous people behaviour. Although, many standard personality tests remain inappropriate as they are invalid and unreliable. This literature review will examine the validity, reliability, cross- cultural application and appropriateness of standard personality tests for Indigenous people by referring to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory- 2 (MMPI-2), as it is known as a widely used and internationally adapted personality test (Butcher, Derksen, Sloore & Sirigatti, 2003). It will outline the importance of translation of standard personality tests and the implementation of equivalent test measures. It will discuss the inappropriateness of the MMPI-2 when testing Indigenous people and explains the impact of method bias. It will outline and discuss appropriate personality test formats for Indigenous people. In addition it will demonstrate the inappropriateness of some MMPI-2 scales that reflect Western cultural norms.

According to Mushquash and Bova (2007) problems may arise when measurement instruments are applied to minority groups that have been developed by a dominant group. To ensure appropriate personality tests, it is vital that instruments are adapted to consider all ethnic cognitive development and ability. Butcher (2004) outlines that effective translated and adapted personality assessments should clearly demonstrate external validity and reliability. In addition research must be carrie...

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... bias must be removed from personality tests and test formats must be culturally sensitive for Indigenous people to increase the appropriateness of measurements. Although the MMPI-2 is considered to be a widely used and internationally adapted personality test, research has concluded that the MMPI-2 continues to be inappropriate for testing Indigenous people. This is due to inappropriate scales that focus on Western cultural norms, therefore it is important that the MMPI-2 is revised to develop new norms for the instrument and ensure that the scales are cross-culturally adapted. This will then increase the appropriateness of cross-cultural sensitive personality tests that enable valid and reliable measurements. Therefore valid and reliable measurements of standard personality tests will ensure accurate interpretation and understanding of Indigenous people behaviour.
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