Personality Assessment

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There are two types of personality assessment tools that I would recommend to ESA in recruiting their new employees, namely the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Personality-job fit theory by John Holland. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) The MBTI was a personality assessment tool developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs as a result of their research with the theory of personality types by Carl Jung. The MBTI can be used to determine one's personality type, preference and strengths. It allows us to delve into our personalities, covering what we fancy and detest, our strong points and shortcomings, potential career predilection, and how compatible we are with others. Based on MBTI, people will be classified into one of the 16 personality types, each represented by a string of alphabets based on the following four types of scales that describes how one perceive themselves. Extraversion or Introversion (Are you outwardly or inwardly focused?) For extraverted people, they tend to be chatty, gregarious, prefer to be in a fast-paced surrounding, tend to work out what they have in mind with other people and enjoy being the focal point. For introverted people, they are more reserved, prefers a slower pace to ponder, tend to cultivate their thoughts inside their heads and would want to observe than to be the focal point. Sensing or Intuition (How do you prefer to take in information?) For people who prefer sensing, they focus on the reality of how things are, pays attention to concrete facts and details, lean toward concepts that can be applied practically and portray things unequivocally. For intuitive people, they think out of the box, sees the big picture on how everything comes together, and portray t... ... middle of paper ... has great synergy. To achieve synergism and maintaining it, team members have to be willing to work together, give guidance, support and apprize one another. Using the MBTI, a candidate with the ENFP personality type will best suit ESA's culture and work style. ENFP individuals are agog, creative, spontaneous, optimistic, encouraging and coltish. They value inspiration, looking forward to starting new projects and sees the potential in other people. Being in the AV industry, ingenuity and innovativeness are paramount to the survivability of the company and how it can distinguish itself from others. Also, since ESA has a open atmosphere and informal vibe in its culture, people who work there should not be one who is conformed to routines. ENFPs are good at coming up with new ideas, and with their natural zeal and charisma, they will also make a capable leader.
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