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TOPİC: Personality Narrowed Down Topic: Import factors in the formation of personality. Thesis Statement: Many components attract the creation of identity. Environmental and biological factors are the most remarkable factors in them. I - The first fundamental component of the formation of personality is related environment and people around them. A - Initially, the society that people grow up brings them different traits. B - Moreover, individuals observe the behaviour of people around them. They impersonate the same of these behaviour they like. C - The person's family is also effective on the characteristic due to living with the family since he or she was born. II - Another considerable factor is concerned biological factors. A - One of the biological components that influence on people personally is physical appearance. B - As a result of some characteristics is transferred by heredity may form personality of the person. C - The biological events in human body contribute to form personality. Not only in these days, but also in the past, in order to gain a place in society, individuals' attitudes against other people and individuals' relationships with other people are the fundamental point. These influence whole life. Person throughout the life attempts to conduct the relationship such as harmony of the individual with co-workers and boss, individual’s relationship with teachers and other students in school, in family member's connection with the relatives. People's self create, manage and finish their rel... ... middle of paper ... is complex and very delicate. Thus, they may bring differences in human personality and even they may add new personality traits to human. Eventually, people go through many phases because of environmental and biological elements when their personalities gradually form. In environmental factors, people's culture and society contribute to shape their personality. Secondly, individual analyzes people's behaviour and attitudes. Then, if individual likes their behaviour, person impersonates the same behaviour. Lastly, one of the most significant environmental factors on characteristic is person's family. In biological factors, people's physical appearance is effective on their personality. Furthermore, by heredity from parent to children pass some characteristics. Also, some biological events in human body leads to shape the formation of personality.

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