Personal Writing - Homosexuality

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700 words

Personal Writing - Homosexuality ...After it happened, and all of my life was out in the open things didn't get any better...I was a gay celebrity in an ever-critical society. I can't remember exactly what it was that I did to make my private persuasion known, all I remember is waking up to find my picture on the fornt page of my daily newspaper with the words so big and so bold saying: "OUR KNOWN AND LOVED CHILDRENS TV PRESENTER IS GAY!" I think I fainted, or if not, then I felt faint. The secret I had tried to keep so well hidden from the media, from the spot light and even close family members was written all over a "popular" tabloid newspaper for all the world to see. My eyes darted about the page - possibly looking for a way out, but all I saw was what seemed like paragraphs full of evidence that I was, that I am "gay". There was an "eye witness", somebody who had come to my party who claimed to have "seen with their own eyes" me "kissing a..." I stopped there-I couldn't read anymore. The lump that had made its way up to my throat fell down to my stomach in what felt like a rush of, well, embarrassment. Frantic flashbacks of the night filled my head till it hurt. I could see people laughing, dancing and it was dark, I saw myself and Sarah we were drinking happy, drinking-celebrating. The frenzied memories stopped and then it happened. I fainted. I woke up and didn't want to leave the comfort of my own bed but I

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they wrote about homosexuality after it happened, and all of their life was out in the open.
  • Narrates how they thought they fainted, or if not, then they felt faint. the secret they had was a secret.
  • Describes how the lump that had made its way up to their throat fell down to the stomach.
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