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Personal Writing “Laura to room three” called the receptionist. I hated going to the doctors, just in case it was anything serious. This visit to the doctors was because my legs, arms and face were all badly swollen. I explained all this to the doctor; he had a press of my legs and said the marks that were appearing were due to water retention. He sent me straight to Hartlepool General Hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital, they asked me many questions about how I felt, and how I’d been feeling the past few months. They took blood tests and urine samples, by now I was scared and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was put on the children’s ward overnight. Doctor upon doctor came to examine me, they new I had a kidney disease, something called Nephrotic Syndrome. They said I needed a Biopsy, they had an ambulance take me straight to Newcastle R.V.I. Once I arrived at Newcastle, they asked me loads of questions again, then took my blood pressure, blood tests. Urine samples etc. I then had to wait three hours for the renal consultant to come and se me. He walked through the door followed by a bunch of doctors. My first words weren’t “hiya” or “how are you?” They were “I’m going to die aren’t I” crying my eyes out. His first reassuring words to me were “ No your not”. He explained about the protein leaking out and how the kidneys worked, then he moved onto the biopsy, this info was scary. All this information swirled around my brain. Another doctor came and took some blood and put a canular in my arm so I could be put on a drip. I was eventually taken to the children’s ward. I was on a continuous drip of protein and frusemide. The frusemide was to make me wee out all the excess fluid. I didn’t get much sleep due to the constant urge of needing to wee. Renal doctors came next morning to assess me, I had lost 9kg

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