Personal Worldview and Utalitarianism

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Worldview paper Each individual’s view on right or wrong is based on personal worldview. The personal worldview shapes a person’s outlook on policy. Therefore, my worldview influences which policies I support. I will use my worldview to judge an editorial regarding minimum wages. In my worldview, I believe in the community good which is the Utilitarian view on ethics. I am willing to make sacrifice for the majority. It is impossible to appease everyone in the group; sometimes compromises have to be made. For example, during my family gatherings, the decision on what TV channels to watch is difficult, because everyone has a different taste in shows. At the end of the day, the majority wins and most of us are happy. I believe in benefiting the majority and producing the greatest happiness. In addition, I believe in a constrained view of our society meaning I have a pessimistic view of human nature (1). I was taught that humans are fallen and the world is a dangerous place. My parents always told me, “Do not talk to the strangers!” Inevitably, people will make mistakes whether or not they want to. I think checks and balances is an important step to ensure a corruption-free society. For instance, in group projects, we check each other’s work before we turn in the assignment to the professor. Each of us has equal responsibility for decision-making in the project. The double check is a good way to eliminate errors. Therefore, I do not believe putting all the power in one man’s hand. Since I support the view of checks and balances due to human’s capacity to do wrong, I support economic right. I encourage federal intervention to redistribute the society’s wealth. If the market is completely free, the rich will get richer and the poo... ... middle of paper ... Due to human greed, I believe that free market should be prohibited and regulated by the federal government to protect these employees. The editorial focuses on the few business employers’ autonomy, which represents Kantian ethics. However, according to my Utilitarian view, the editorial board overlooks the larger population of employees who will benefit from a minimum wage increase. Therefore, it is my belief that businesses should be regulated by the government to increase minimum wage. Reference: 1. K. Wyma. Wyma’s Briefing on Metaphysics. Whitworth University. Spring 2014. 2. Our view, Businesses should decide how much to pay workers. Idaho Statesman. Feb 12, 2014. 3. D. Ross, B. McCaughey. The pros and cons for upping the minimum wage. Rock Land Times. Feb 7, 2014. 4. K. Wyma. Wyma’s Briefing on Kantian Ethics. Whitworth University. Spring 2014.

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