Personal Teaching Philosophy

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Personal Teaching Philosophy As important as a teacher’s philosophy is to the students, I believe that it is more significant to know where it comes from and how it was developed. When I walk into a classroom, not only do I want my students to know what my feelings about education are, but I also want them to know why I have them. I will first give my class an overview of how I came to be a math teacher and the road that I traveled to get there. The fact that I chose math as my concentration because it was the most challenging subject and not the easiest might inspire other students to give math a chance or work harder if they are having trouble. In turn, I will ask each of the students to tell me about their life in general as well as their individual experiences with math. Regardless of their feelings about math, this process will allow me to gain insight into their learning styles so I can work my hardest to plan lessons that make sense and are comfortable. As a teacher, I am there to impart knowledge to my students while simultaneously making them aware of the fact that I am willing and hoping to learn from them in return. I will never assume to know everything about a given topic, and I will emphasize that I view the act of teaching itself as the most effective means of learning. Since I have noticed distaste for math amongst children who don’t learn to appreciate it, I will strive for a change in this thinking through the use of creativity, dedication, and passion for my subject matter. Teachers are lucky enough to wake up every day and go to a place where they have the opportunity to present material that could affect a student’s life forever. The idea that my enjoyment of math might cause a student to look at something in a new light or try harder is awe-inspiring and is reason enough to get up and go to work every day. I feel that math is more versatile than people recognize, and I will work hard to make connections so that students can see the relevance of the material to their lives.
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