Personal Swot Analysis: Personal SWOT Analysis Of My Work

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Personal SWOT Analysis

Strengths Leadership Motivated Hardworking Weaknesses
Time Management
Personal Money Management Opportunities
Networking Abilities
Education Threats
Technology replacement


Leadership: During my life I have always felt it was important to be a leader in every activity that was presented to me. In school, I have always taken the responsibility of leading my team to get A 's on our group projects. I believe it is important to not only show your personal qualifications but to also bring out the best in other people around you. A leader is someone who can bring success to a group not to just themselves. I show great leadership qualities within my group of friends.
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My mother and father have always worked extremely hard to give our family a good life, which has motivated me to do the same and more. I will be the second person in my father 's family to graduate from college and the first on my mother 's side. This motivates me to graduate, start a career, and build a strong family to live a good quality life like my parents. Motivation is the key to success, and I already found the key.

Hardworking: I consider hardworking to be one of my greatest strengths because I always strive to go above and beyond the expectations that I am held accountable for. In my personal life, I get a sense of accomplishment by attending college full-time while also having a part-time job. In my professional career, I always am striving to get all my daily tasks done and at least three more unexpected activities. I consider hardworking to also include balancing my family, friends, work, and leisure time on my days off.

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My family has had an issue managing money due to economic hardships, and some of this issue has rubbed off on me. In the past, I have always worked very hard to make money in order to buy things I desire. The issue is, I never actually saved any money, and now that I am about to graduate I don 't have much savings. It is my goal to work on money management for the issue of security. I believe it is important to learn money management now because of the risk that my generation may not have social security by the time I retire. I want my family to have a stable life, and managing my money will help achieve