Personal Success Plan

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Personal Success Plan In the article, Training the Person of the therapist in an Academic Setting the authors describes the training model of Person-of-the –therapist (POTT) that was created to enhance the therapist’s skills in therapy. The framework of the model designed to encourage the therapists to examine themselves in four areas to define their strengths and weakness. These skills were limited to only a few institutes in the earlier practices however have expanded throughout the years. While reading this article I took the time to examine my skills using the theoretical framework of the POTT training model. The first step involved the therapist being aware of personal challenges. In my career in the mental health field, my personal challenges included spiritual belief. Spiritual belief is a broad area, and can result to numerous areas of conflict. One particular conflict I struggled with was same sex marriage and homosexuality. To some profession, it may seem like a simple area easy to overcome, however I have a strong spiritual belief in heterosexual relationships that it has caused problems with providing effective treatment in the past. The second stage involves the therapist’s awareness of self-emotion that may revolve from one own history. As a person that has over-come numerous of obstacles during childhood as well as adulthood, I have found it easy to relate to many of my clients, however recall little to no problems with providing applicable treatment without allowing my pass emotions to jeopardize the treatment. The third stage involves managing stage one and two. Although spirituality is been a weakness in my previous profession, however, the awareness has allowed me to work particularly in this area, and I have ... ... middle of paper ... employee and student the thought of giving up on school often crossed my mind. After discussing my decision with my children, I saw the disappointment in their face and they pleaded that I did not give up on my career dreams. My children have always been a good support system in everything I have set goals toward achieving. However, their support has only been a portion of the determination. The desire to obtain my degree and later become license will allow me to work in whatever area I desire. With the experience of working with every age, I have grown a passion to work with the elderly and youth population. It is my goal to work in the primary and secondary school system, this will not only allow me to work in a setting that takes up at least 80% of the year, but will allow me to use the other 20% of spending time with my children even when they become adults.
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