Personal Statement for an Internship at ICA France

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I wish to work at the Institute Clement Ader’s composite Lab under INSA Toulouse. My objective for an internship at ICA France is to prepare myself for the long-term goal of pursuing a career in the research and development of composite materials. I feel that an internship at ICA France will add to my experience of working on composites and prepare myself adequately for pursuing the same as my future career.
My interests lie in the field of composite materials, their production and the various fabrication processes involved during composite manufacturing and their quality control. It is possible to meet diverse design requirements by using composite materials and it also provides significant weight reduction and a better strength to weight ratio as compared to the conventional materials.
My main motivation for applying to France for an internship is the fact that France is the home to some of the world’s biggest composites manufacturing labs and industries, biggest examples being Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing company and the ICA composites lab, both situ...
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