Personal Statement: Why I Want To Practice Nursing

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I am a licensed practice nurse who is compassionate, competent, and displays empathy for all my patients. My personal and professional experiences help me contribute to clients’ recovery and wellness which gives me a sense of pride that strengthens my commitment to this profession. I enjoy making people feel better and that is what drove me to this profession and is currently driving me to further my career in the nursing field. I am currently pursuing a degree as a registered nurse at Gwinnett Technical College. I believe this degree will help me to furthering my career, which will allow me to expand my passion to care for the sick and ill. I am also an educator who trains certified nursing assistants to be able to take care of patients in…show more content…
Nursing exist because of great people like Florence Nightingale who used to walk the hall with a lamp caring for wounded soldiers. She was criticized by many people, but she was committed to those soldiers. Nightingale understood the psychological connection to healing and actually believed that nurses should always speak up when things was unacceptable or inadequate (Stringer). It is those same values and beliefs that Nightingale displayed is why I want to practice nursing. As a nurse I am an advocate for patients who depend on my medical knowledge and critical thinking to treat them. As an advocate I must empower my patients to be actively involved in their care and decision making. I must educate patients and their families on diseases and treatment in order to improve their outcomes. Practice nursing give me an opportunity to deliver excellent and compassionate healthcare while promoting the well-being of the…show more content…
As nurse we must keep in mind that people may have beliefs and values that may be viewed different from the healthcare workers. Nurse must respected each patient beliefs and values. Health is individualized and personal that can be subjective and/or objective. Nurses must make individualized care plans and have goals to reach maximum health while preventing complications to promote health for all patients. There is a positive environment when everyone is collaborating and communicating to meet each patient individual
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