Personal Statement : Teacher Interview

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Teacher Interview 1. What made you want to become a teacher? What makes you stick with it? Ms. Lippart has always enjoyed working with children, as well as being a leader among people. She never really wanted to work at a desk and sit by herself all day; she prefers to interact with people. She also has a real passion for teaching, and loves to see the light bulb go off in children’s heads once they finally begin to understand what is being taught in classrooms. One idea she really enjoys is how everyday is different in teaching. Though there may be the same produces and schedules everyday, the adventures are always different. Ms. Lippart has stayed teaching so far because she loves where she works. She had always thought she would teach at an urban school because she grew up in Raleigh, but she absolutely loves Meat Camp and the small family-feel of the school. She loves that this school has very little politics and stress about the tests with all of the teachers. She says that she would not love school as much as she does if it was just all about testing students. One of her favorite parts about being a teacher is getting to be creative everyday. 2. In your experience, what characteristics help interns be most successful in Block 2? Is there specific advice that you have for me based on previous experience? The main piece of advice that she gave me was to have TIME MANGAGMENT. She also she said it was important to set goals for yourself and to make sure that you meet those goals. She said the students that make the goals and follow through are generally much happier and more on top of their work load. 3. When you have had problems with interns in the past, what tended to cause those problems? How can I avoid th... ... middle of paper ... this idea, Ms. Lippart is very willing to answer any of my questions I have for her about how she taught a lesson or why she grouped students a certain way. This is going to be particularly helpful for me when I start planning my own lesson. Through her answers I will be able to follow her teaching and have little disturbance on the students learning environment. Through this allowing me more time to devote to making in-depth and interactive lessons for the students in my classroom. Overall, I believe this interview with Ms. Lippart went really well; I think that we are off to a great start of the year. Because Ms. Lippart and I talked about the expectations and procedures she expects me to follow in the classroom, I can now able begin to closely observing how Ms. Lippart teaches as well as develop my own skills and ideas on becoming a well rounded educator.
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