Personal Statement: Reflection Of Working At Walgreens

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Since I started working at Walgreens, I have seen many patients coming to pick up their medication and they do not know much about the medications they are picking up. As a part of health care system it’s my responsibility to educate my patient and spread awareness. I love to talk to people and spread awareness whenever I get opportunity to promote health and wellness. In the beginning of my clinical the rotation, I asked my preceptor if they have P&T committee falling under my rotation block, I would love to participate in that meeting if possible. So, then he mentioned me that they have committee meeting coming and if I am interested in presenting education topics, so I picked up opportunity came to me, as I was interested in participating in it. My talkative nature, curiosity to learn new tasks and passion to help my community served as a foundation for me to participate in this activity.

First of all, this was the first time I was attending P&T committee. I learned a lot about P&T committee which includes learning about members of committee, how
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I did covered whole material in detail with 1 minute over the time given to me. I was been watching my time but did not wants to compromise any important information deliver to my audience. I did practice my material at home and was doing well finishing my within time limit but during my presentation MD incorporated additional information to my topic for our audience which took little bit of my time and I ended up finishing my presentation 1 minute over time allocated to me. So, I should have practiced such an away which would have give me couple extra minutes so which should have covered additional information time incorporated by MD. Anyway I should have prepared for that before my presentation but I learned my lesson from this activity and for future I will definitely prepare myself keeping some extra time for any additional

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