Personal Statement On Values And Values

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The values from the family that l grew up, the values gives me priorities to shape me and reactions. Personal primary values come from my parents and learned from them to respect. l learned to knock at my parent’s bedroom door before l enter and also to greet them first. I had some responsibility of washing dishes and helping cleaning the house. My secondary values come from nurture that is my friends and at school. l had to learn to trust, caring being able to display kindness and concerns for others. According to Open education sociology dictionary (2013) defines that values are statements of belief about morally good or bad conduct and worth(valuable). I learned values through my parents and religion leaders. Values came from combination of back ground and experience. These values are the building block how I develop in life. Values are different and should be respected whether we are agreed with it or not. My personality is related to my values e.g. my desire to work with and how l interact with individuals. Three core values that I have are the followings dignity, teamwork and caring. Skills of care (2016) states that dignity is when people respect privacy of an individual, choices and their values. Dignity ensure better relationship between people from the society. Dignity can be earned through the way we view our self. Dignity is important gives people, peace and kindness between all families. Dignity can give people self-esteem and build up their confidence. As a child I was taught to respect my parents, elders and teachers and family Respect is part of everyday self-respect is deeply connected. Flying start nhs (2016) states teamwork is a sense of combining common interest and sharing responsibilities as team when... ... middle of paper ... ...guarding the welfare and handling the finance of adults who lack capacity due to mental disorder or incapability to communite.The guide summary who the Act can able to help and the arrangement that can be put in place to provide others authority to act or make choice for somebody who lack capacity to do so for him or herself. The Act introduced a scheme for safe guarding the welfare and handling the finance and property of adults to act or make approximately all decisions for themselves as of mental disorder or inability to talk due to a physical conditions. It authorises other people to make decisions on behalf of the adults, substance to safeguards. The main groups to assistance include persons with dementia, persons with a learning disability, persons with an acquired brain injury or severe and chronic mental illness and persons with a severe sensory damage.
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