Personal Statement On The Professional Development Course

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a) Summary of my overall employability Throughout the professional development course, it has helped me develop my communication skills, assertiveness and confidence and it has given me rare opportunities to learn more about myself. Not only am I able to communicate more effectively with others but I am also able to develop my listening and questioning skills through events such as the interview. I have also been involved in the Salford Advantage Award which involves a reflective final presentation on my voluntary work experience I have done throughout the year. I believe I am a strong candidate when it comes to employability, I feel my strengths revolve around communication, teamwork and time management skills, I have shown this through a wide range of voluntary work experiences, from working as a mentor to working in a fruit and veg stall! I am also able to produce clear, structured written work which has helped with both my assignments and presentation skills. b) Reflection on how my employability skills have developed over the 12 weeks Communication, specifically my listening and question skills have been one of my weaknesses, however, assertiveness and confidence has been a huge flaw in my employability skills, over the year, I have had many experiences to help me develop within these areas. This involves attending guest lectures on interview tips, digital tips and partaking real experiences of interviews and presentations. Interview Assessment The professional development module has assisted me in developing my assertiveness and confidence skills, I have learned to develop this through participating in an interview. The interview was based on a firm called ‘Worchester, Bosch Group’, the role I applied for was ‘Purchasin... ... middle of paper ... planning and preparing class work to deciding what fruit and veg to buy and sell (involves taking in costs and researching what produce sells best). I believe my confidence isn’t something I can fix in a day but rather it would take months or even years. I currently have a large range of voluntary experiences, however I really lack actual work experience, to fix this, I plan on applying for internships in my final year of graduating university, I will also seek for opportunities in part-time jobs that involves dealing with customers on a daily basis to further help my confidence and communication skills, such as retail shops. As of now I am currently applying for work placements and hope to obtain one to further expand my employability skills. I should also look to attend any opportunities or skill workshops that will boost my communication and confidence skills.
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