Personal Statement On The Group Session

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his was our third group session, it was a different experience as I was the group leader this time around. In following previous protocol, I led the group by “checking in” and asking how everyone’s week has been going. As each member shared their feelings/thoughts and small comments, I had disclosed how nervous I was feeling about running a group for the first time among professionals in training. By disclosing such limited information, I noticed the group was surprised by my confession. One member flashed a smile at me in disbelief, while another member giggled to herself and said, “Wow, I would never have known you get nervous in front of people.” While it seemed to catch everyone’s attention, I used this opportunity to encourage participation by asking if anyone else had felt nervous/anxious this evening as well. As discussions and comments were bouncing back and forth, the two quietest members felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts/feelings about speaking in groups and things alike. While these two members shared, the remaining members were hanging on to every word they had said. The energy in the room became filled with a deeper sense of universality, altruism, empathy and cohesiveness. As the session carried on, I had selected certain members of the group to share how they felt after hearing what the quiet members had stated. Not only were they able to respond with their current thoughts/feelings, but they also thanked those specific members for sharing as well. After observing the two quiet members being thanked for sharing, I believe it would be safe to state either these members’ social skills were reinforced by the positive reaction they received or had a touch of a corrective emotional experience. While it was... ... middle of paper ... ...up. Although most of the members were not aware of my mistakes, I know what areas I need to improve on. While I acknowledge my mistakes/weaknesses, I can also accept my strengths as well. During my lead, I am proud that the group was able to open up more and be engaged with one another on a deeper level than before. In addition, it was humbling to facilitate thoughts/feelings/topics between the members and encourage participation. Nevertheless, I felt confident utilizing my current experience with individual therapy to be able to empathize with a member in their feelings/thoughts and behavior as well. Not only was I able to respond in an understanding and empathic manner, but I felt I was also addressing each member in a sensitive manner considering our group is highly diverse. As this was my first experience leading a group, I feel encouraged to do it again one day.
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