Personal Statement On Social Work

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In the world, there are 7 billion individuals, 7 billion minds, 7 billion souls and 7 billion hearts and then there’s me. I am one out of 7 billion individuals that want to pursue the fascinating field of social work. When I was a child I wanted to be a lawyer, model, actress, doctor and so many other professions, I changed my mind quite often as most children do. One thing I was certain of was that I’m a people person. I thrive on helping others and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Throughout this essay, I will discuss why I am a good “fit” for social work, the strengths I possess, and some of the most pressing social problems facing our country today. To begin with, social work is a good “fit” for me because I can be a very understanding person, I do not jump to conclusions and I hear individuals out. One special individual in particular that influenced my interest in the social work profession is my Father. Often times we hear about women being abused in their marriages, but it was the opposite for my family. My father was not treated right by my mother and that caused psychological damage down the line for my family. Sadly, my father had no one to turn to in this awful situation between him and my mother, I was forced to continue living with my mother even though she acted in such a way. Luckily my family got help, but some families don’t. I am a good “fit” for the social work profession because I’ve experienced what individuals go through on a daily basis, I can relate to those children that stay awake at night wondering if it ever gets better. I would like to be a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Furthermore, a couple years back I volunteered at a summer camp called Camp Kearney which is a Christian su... ... middle of paper ... ...ies. There is also a program called “CHIP” and this program provides coverage for children and also pregnant women, and CHIP is beneficial to individuals with incomes too high for Medicaid but too low to afford private insurance, and I’m certain that social workers can help choose the best plan for you. In conclusion, I knew that I always wanted to work with people, I knew that I wanted to be an individual that someone could turn to in a time of need. Social work is a promising path to take and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this journey. During this essay, I discussed why I am a good “fit” to be a social worker, how my Father influenced my decision, the strengths that I possess to be a successful social worker and the social problems that face our country today. Our journey will be hectic and exhausting but it will also be rewarding and that’s what I look forward to the most.
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