Personal Statement On Self Concept

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Self-concept According to social-emotional context (p.10), in the interviews with my friend and my co-worker, I found my friend was more comfortable with me but my coworker was more formal and felt awkward. The only reason for this happening could be social-emotional context. My coworker described me more impersonal qualities such as, hard worker, leader and intelligent, but my friend described me more personalized qualities such as, affectionate, father and friendly. In here, we can see the qualities are in both of the lists,like mathematician in my friend’s list and intelligent in my coworker’s list, while both means are like to gather but suggest that my coworker described me more formally. In a relationship, our knowledge of others and our self can greatly affect our interpretation of behavior (p.35). In the interview of myself, I wrote qualities that I was sure about them, and I have seen its effects in my life. For example, I 'm a forgetful person because in many times, I forgot to lock my car. According to my list, I noticed my friend’s descriptions are more like qualities were in my list. According to the third stage of the perception process “interpreting”(p.35), I found one of the most important reason for it, my close friend who I have had a relationship with him for more than 9 years against a coworker with whom I have had a professional relationship with him for about 8 months can describe me with more personalized qualities, and they are more like my list. Based on this, he can describe me by informal words such as, sexy. According to the above information, I noticed 5 qualities in my list that were in my friend’s list (active , genial, self-reliant , emotional and on time against hard worker, social, ... ... middle of paper ... ... In the interview with my friend, I noticed that social-emotional context effected our interview, because the environment was friendly and emotional (p.10), and my friend could describe me easily, and the interview ended clearly. Also, in the interview with my coworker, I found the physical-context effected our interview, since there were the devices were working with high sound, the environment of the interview did not seem conducive to receiving and sending out messages clearly (p.9). Self-confident self-analysis Regular Strong Reliable With diligence Asocial Intelligent Serious Leader Risk taker Energetic Emotional Self-reliant Active Helpful On time Friendly Narcissistic Mathematician Sexy Genial Feeling Self-centered Social Forgot work Forgetful Self-confident self-esteem Discipline Obsession Demanding Hard worker Self-analysis self-analysis
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