Personal Statement On Nonverbal Communication

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1. Choose a specific non-verbal area, as discussed in the lecture and text that you feel is essential to interpersonal communication. Describe what it is and defend why it is essential. Points will be earned by the description and argument you make. Nonverbal communication is more credible – it means that although we often hear the spoken message, during certain events, what we do is more credible that what we say. This is the case when we scare someone and that person tries to deny he/she was scared, however his/her reaction gives away the true feeling. This area is important because we can decode the true meaning of the message without the need of the verbal communication. 2. Create an original perception-miscommunication scenario, then write a perception-checking communication strategy, as demonstrated in the course materials. Scenario: My wife was supposed get home early from work yesterday, however she did not get home until two hours later. I called several times but she did not answer her phone. I am angry when she arrives home. Perception-checking strategy: I ask when she arrives home “did something happen at work today? I was expecting you back two hours ago, I was worry you did not answer your phone.” I express my feeling about the situation and try to find out there reason behind the issue/problem. 3. List and give an example for each of the six types of love. Which of these is the most common? • Eros – Boyfriend and girlfriend relationship • Ludus – friends with benefits, no desire for commitment. • Storge - two people that have work together for some time discover they both like opera and live close to each other, their relationship is based on common interests. • Pragma - two business students working toward ... ... middle of paper ... at 10, I assumed it was 10 AM, but it was actually schedule for 10 PM. Since it is a military facility I assumed it meant 1000, not 2200. • Simple – me and my wife plan to go out for dinner, since I like Italian food I would like to go to an Italian restaurant, however she likes Greek food and she want to go to a Greek restaurant. • ego-symptom – background: two friends living in the same apartment. Friend one thinks friend two is not helping cleaning up, friend two thinks he helps enough by cleaning once a week. Conflict: Friend one asks friend two to take the trash out since it is full already. Friend two think that he is being told what to do and reacts by not doing it. Ego conflict is the most difficult to overcome because there is an underlying conflict that is not been address directly. You might feel like you are being attack by the other person.
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