Personal Statement On Being A Massage Therapist

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and support them. Supporting Evidence: • “Safety of others” was on my 20 somewhat satisfying skills. (Skills) • I like helping, understanding and teaching others. (HPT) • I am friendly and I care about the feelings of others. (HPT) • Being a veteran plays a big role in wanting to help others in need. (3Q) • Being a veteran has made me want to look out for others despite their situation. (3Q) • Being a massage therapist has made me better at focusing on making people feel better. (3Q) • Being a public servant and helping others was on my top ten values list. (VW) • My secondary career anchor was having a sense of service and dedication to a cause. (10Y) Contradictory Evidence: • I could do things for other person was rate low on my importance scale. (AZCIS WIL) Thoughts about the impact of this theme on my personal and professional life: This theme means a lot for me because I have had so many scenarios in my life where my superiors and bosses failed to stand up for other or me people I had work with. I have learned how important it is to make sure we stand up for individuals. In addition, as leader we need to make sure we are there to provide emotional and physical support for team members, friends and family no matter what happens. There is nothing worse in life not having a person in your corner. I am someone who is not afraid to go against the grain or stand up for something even if it is not viewed as popular. The scenario where my vehicle commander gave me a direct order to shoot my weapon at a group of kids taught me so much about myself. I knew if it had been anyone else that was in my vehicle they would have been too afraid to disobey the order even though the children provided zero threat to us. Even when I was treate... ... middle of paper ... ...was never any confusion of what was right or wrong. When I worked for the Massage Green Spa, they were never constant. They claimed to have routines and procedures set into place but the management never enforced them. Usually, when you get hired at a new job, they make sure that you read the organizations guidelines and procedures before they let you start working. It is very important for me that I work for a organization that has clean standards and has a system in place to reinforces them. I would not feel comfortable working at an establishment that was overly relaxed and had grey area. I am a firm believer that rules and regulations are designed for a reason. I know in the military they were designed to keep everyone safe and keep the productivity consistent. This is a theme that I think can be noticed in the organization mission statement and list of ethics.