Personal Statement Of Physical Therapy

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While in college I became a volunteer at Memorial Hermann Hospital TMC. There I was able to observe the different professions up close. One of those was physical therapy. Therapists would go to patient rooms to help individuals work on exercises or get them up to walk. Whenever I saw a physical therapist, I paid close attention. Therapists would help patients regain their strength, and that is incredible. When I returned home, I did my own research and read more about what it was and the schooling needed. I wanted a career that would challenge me every day, but also allowed me to interact with and help people. Once I found physical therapy and did research I came across Texas Woman’s University Houston. While at community college I reached out to someone…show more content…
Also it is remarkable that it is so close to the Texas Medical Center where there are many hospitals and opportunities. I have always been interested in a career in healthcare. Any job in health care is tough but worth it. There are a lot of different opportunities and it is always growing. When I graduated I never thought about a degree higher than a bachelor. I did not know much about graduate school until I found physical therapy. I have been fortunate enough to have found something I love and am passionate about. I am actually the first in my family to pursue graduate school. Observing has given me so much motivation. There have been many incredible experiences that reassure me this is what I want. At one of my observation experiences there was a young girl that had an Ilizarov apparatus to help correct her genu varum. The therapist that was working with her allowed me to help on occasion with holding a thera-band in place or tossing a ball back and forth. I learned that she had come from a different country to have this procedure done. She did not know any English but learned while she was there. I found it so inspiring that every session she worked hard even when she did not feel her best.
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