Personal Statement: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education Growing up, I have always known that I wanted to work in the education field. I believe helping students learn and grow is my purpose in life. I believe the purpose of education is to see students develop and grow. I believe the role of the student is to come to school and learn new information that they can apply to their lives. I believe the role of the paraprofessional is to be the assistant for the teacher and provide assistance to the students. I believe the community plays a major role in education, especially the parents and guardians. They are a part of their child 's education and provide support for them when they need it most. Education is not going away anytime soon, so we need to look at what education…show more content…
Students learn if they can work in large groups or if they work better individually. They also learn what kind of learner they are when it comes to taking in information given to them by the teacher. Not every student is the same, and they learn that is it okay to be different and to be proud of the person they are. Students learn how to deal with conflicts and resolve the matter in a calm fashion. Paraprofessionals are important members of the education team. They can work one-to-one with students, providing help in a certain subject area. Paraprofessionals can teach small groups of students with an area where they may need more help and practice. If students are reading a story, the paraprofessional can call back a small reading group and work on different reading skills with them. They can assist the teacher with planning the lesson and assessing the students during the lesson. They can be personal aides for special education students and help assist them during the school day. The paraprofessional may follow the student to all of their classes and assist them with any tasks they need help with. Special education students have an Individualized Education Program, which states what accommodations they have and what they may need help with. Students who need more individualized attention can receive this when a paraprofessional is in the
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