Personal Statement: My Passion For Contriving Others

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My passion for serving others began early in high school when I had the opportunity to assist the students in the special education department. With each interaction, I was awarded a new perspective on life. Each student in the classroom had his or her own story; a special journey that I found intriguing. Many people looked at these individuals and placed judgment. I spent time with them and learned more about myself. I had a realization of my eagerness to help those most in need. I recognized from this point I wanted a career where I could provide a positive service. When I entered college, I was unsure of what specific career path I should choose. I initially chose a major that I did not have a connection to. It would have allowed me to make a difference on the surface, but I wanted more for myself. I knew I could use my passion and skills for…show more content…
I spent four years hyper focused on this career path and became blind to my own potential. I chose to pursue a career in social work because I wanted to continue to serve diverse populations and address the severity of social injustices. I want to have the knowledge and ability to stand up for human rights and be a factor in bettering the underprivileged populations. I want to empower those who may not see the bigger picture because of horrific life situations. As a highly organized professional who is good on my toes and ready to take on any situation, I know I have the ability to succeed in the field of social work. I have the ability to adapt to my surrounding and can adjust to any situation. I am respectful to all and value my own personal integrity. Adding a degree from the University of Southern California will add a magnitude of benefits to my future career in social work. This degree will open up more opportunities to help populations of all kinds, from all walks of

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