Personal Statement: My Journey To The United States

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The United States is seen as a paradise of employment and opportunity from the perspective of less developed countries, thus my Father left Iran for the United States on a student visa in the search of better education and employment in engineering and a shot at the American Dream, while my mother was pregnant with me back in Iran in the winter of 1997. My Father worked for seven years to arrange the correct visas and procedures so that he could ensure I have the same opportunity in America. I traveled 7.300 miles and left all of my family members, except my parents, in Iran to arrive in the United States at the age of seven. I was immediately enrolled in second grade. I had never learned English and I became fluent around the age of 9 through reading large amounts of books and interpreting everyday conversations for my mother. In fourth and fifth grade, enrolled in a white, upper-middle class elementary school, I experienced xenophobic treatment from another student. He would harass me by calling me a terrorist and by laughing at me with other peers. I tried to ignore it and soon I…show more content…
The life lessons I have been taught along the way, such as honesty and courage by my involvement in sports, devotion to duty by my extensive participation in challenging classes, and sympathy for the weak by my dedication to volunteering, will all make critical contributions to my goal of studying medicine and eventually reaching my dream as a cardiologist. The moral forces I have experienced in football and soccer contribute to my instinctive leadership position and ability to work as a functional part of a team. I have come through many challenges involving adversity and time management and I have gained skills in which will help me flourish in any university I

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