Personal Statement: My Future Education Plan

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After doing all the assignment and using all the useful resources you gave us I have fully created my future education plan. Before taking this class I was not so sure about my future plans and still had questions about what I wanted to do in the future. My plans for the future were influenced by many things I learned throughout my time in the class. My plans for the future is going to University of North Carolina at Greensboro and double major in computer science and graphic design or engineering. There are many ways to achieve my future plan I have to utilize the tools and resources I been given throughout the class. While I was completing my first assignment, there was a link that took me to a section at The link had questions that helped me discover what I want to in the future. There were ten questions that asked about your talents, things that challenges, and who you look up to. My week two assignment was to take the interest profiler and after taking the test it showed me that I am interested in computer related careers. The careers that showed up after the interest profiler were interesting because it showed careers from different degrees like personal trainers, marketing. After finishing the assignment, I used the results of the interest profiler and the careers they gave me as a suggestion for help in college search for my degree. While looking for the right college for me, I was completing week two assignment that had me researching and exploring the career I wanted to be in and what are the top ten hottest job right now. Out of all the assignment I did this was the most interesting because it showed me jobs I never heard of but were really interesting to me. Like withe a computer science degree you ca... ... middle of paper ... ... the bank, that helps pay for school but has to pay back with interest. Also if the loans are not payed of you will get in trouble with the government and private dealer, who can sue you for defaulting. When I was completing this assignment I was waiting for my fafsa application to return with the information about my money awarded to me. Right after I turned in my assignment for week six assignment, I went to uncg to do a college visit and register for some classes and when I returned home I received the amount of money I was awarded by fafsa. When I was completing my week seven assignment, I read about critical thinking which talks about how you are what you think you are. The most interesting assignment I did for this class was for week seven because I had a chance to take the lassi test which explains, in my definition, what are your weakness and your strengths

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