Personal Statement: My Career Aspiration Of Become An Educator

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Statement of Purpose My career aspiration of becoming an educator didn’t grow overnight. I went to college for a pre-business degree in hopes of being the next “hot shot” in the Financial District of San Francisco. However, instead of focusing my time on business courses, I always found myself volunteering at the local elementary school or divulging myself in my Education courses. I realized I had a passion for education at that point as I was actually earning way better grades in Education courses than my major courses.

Upon graduating from UC Davis, I was in a lull, I had no idea what I wanted to do. However, I know for sure I didn’t want to jump into a job where I was just going to do it for the money. I interviewed at some places and received jobs that were basically sales, however, I never viewed myself ever having a career in it, so I didn’t want to start off the wrong foot. I asked myself, “ what really makes me happy?, and I realized it was all the time spent in my education classes and volunteering during college. Education was always my passion in college, but I didn’t think much of it as a career because of the profession really is stigmatized as a low paying job. As I began to wonder and study more about the
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I believe I am a good fit for the program because I was born and raised in San Francisco and would love to have the ability teach in the city and give back to the community that made me the unique person that I am today. This program will allow me to have guidance and further my education to extend my teaching range. With help of amazing professors that the program offers and the immersion of classmates around me who share the same passion for Education as I do, I believe I can grow as an educator
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