Personal Statement : Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, And Management Based Club

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My interest in marketing was sparked in 11th grade when I had my first marketing class in high school. At first, I viewed the class as just an elective course with no true benefit; however, when course began, my thoughts were changed completely due to its application to the real world. My curiosity suddenly became a passion as I excelled in my marketing class. My teacher was so impressed that she advised me to join DECA - the marketing, finance, hospitality, and management based club at my school. As a member of DECA, my focus was creating effective marketing plans/strategies for fashion merchandising, and I showcased my knowledge in the regional DECA competition. It was nerve-wrecking because it was my first competition, but I was eager because I could determine consumers’ needs and wants. I ended up placing 3rd in regionals and I was given the opportunity to compete in the state competition. Even though I didn’t place in state, I never felt so comfortable with a career field in my life. I loved everything about it: from the analytical methods to interviewing with actual employers. I met so many judges who were leaders and entrepreneurs of their own business firms, and they’ve inspired me to learn about providing to consumers more profitably. I am currently in the Sports Management program where I am being prepared for diverse career opportunities in organizations such as professional sports teams, college athletic departments, and sports agencies. I am also a recruiting ambassador for Georgia Football under the R.O.S.E. (Recruiting Operations and Special Events) Society, where I work with public relations by hosting high-school football prospects on game days and with event operations. I believe that double majoring in Sports ... ... middle of paper ... ...bout how to become a successful manager by gaining the knowledge needed to manage and lead a modern sports organization. While marketing focuses on the process of a businesses and consumers’ needs and wants, management focuses on understanding and leading people in a range of environments such as individual, professional, or educational environments. I have an interest in management because while I want to learn about the processes of operational management and the decisions that can increase a business’s profitability, I am also interested in the social, economic, and legal factors that affect the management and administration of organizations. While I do want to be a marketing director for a major sports team, I do believe that I can apply my knowledge from management in order to figure out how to continuously improve my sports organization in a proficient manner.

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