Personal Statement : Interpersonal Process

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As this is my third week into my internship, I really do value the text “Interpersonal Process in Therapy”. Along with it being an easy read, it gives great explanations and examples of the concepts that it is trying to teach us. As a matter of fact, I have been trying to implement the concepts of “an internal focus for change” and “helping clients with their feelings” (Chapter 4 and 5) with a current client of mine name Pam, who I mentioned in the last reflection. During the second session, Pam continued to complain about how her family (sisters, daughter, and ex-husband) treat her. In this session, she mentioned how her daughter tells Pam, how the world does not revolve around her, and how she behaves like a child. She also stated that her daughter learned this type of behavior from her ex-husband as well. As I questioned her feelings about the ill treatment from her family this time around, she really did not share any difficult feelings. Her responses were similar to “I felt bad”, “I felt angry”, or “I felt, she shouldn’t speak to me that way, I didn’t deserve that”. Although, I...

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