Personal Statement : High School

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The results from my StrengthsFinder are accurate in most areas of the descriptions. The questionnaire identified the following: achiever, discipline, empathy, deliberative, and relator. I can see all of these playing a role in the type of person I am at this very moment in my life. I took a strengths quest survey in high school and I still possess two of the same strengths which goes to show I do not change my ways too often. The results say I am an achiever meaning I like to have something tangible completed by the end of each day no matter the circumstance. I completely agree I do not like to have a to do list as long as the page. I like to feel in control of what is thrown my way. I demonstrate achiever on a daily basis and have ever since I started school. From the time I was in kindergarten I have stuck with the same routine in order to get things accomplished. This strength will definitely help me in the future by making sure I do not get behind on my job and all of its demands. It shows that I will give the up most care to my patients in all aspects including paperwork. This ...
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