Personal Statement For Study Abroad

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2012 was the year I graduated high school…fast forward four years and now I am preparing to study abroad! If someone had told my eighteen-year-old self this, I would not have believed it. If someone had told my nineteen or twenty year-old self the same thing, I still would not have believed it. You see, at that time I was a part of another institution, majoring in a field that held no interest to me. I was lacking motivation in such a way that I was beginning to disappoint those around me and myself. In 2015, I decided it was time for a change, time to follow something that made me passionate. That is when I came across the University of Houston- Downtown and their International Business Program. I have always been fascinated by other cultures;…show more content…
I love my family and depend on them for many things in my life. As hard as it will be to leave them behind for five months, the time has come for me to leave the nest and learn to be on my own. When I return from Spain, in May, I will also be graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree the same month. Everything will be different, I will enter the workforce with superior knowledge on international relationships giving me an edge over others. The knowledge I will gain from studying abroad will prepare me and propel me into my future career. I wish to become an international marketer and learn how to best market products and services to other countries. By studying abroad I will learn how to study other cultures, I will learn how to survive without my family, and it will lay the ground work in my life towards becoming an international marketer. Besides studying abroad, the program will also allow me to volunteer as an English tutor for adults, youth, and children. I look forward to this volunteer opportunity because it will give me more insight into the lives led by the people in Spain. I will learn how to interact with another culture that is not my own and put that knowledge to use when I study other cultures as an International
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