Personal Statement For Dentistry

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Throughout my life at school, I have always taken an interest in science. Even though elementary and middle school was just basic science, I still enjoyed every moment when it came to doing silly little experiments. I never realized how broad science could get. I mean before high school everything was just simplified for easy understanding. Once I got into jr. high and high school, my choices broaden as I was given the opportunity to enroll in all kinds of science classes. I went to school at Harrison Senior High in Harrison, Arkansas. My biology teacher, Mr. Rook, was the one that kept me going. On the first day of class he had a sign in this classroom with the words “Set yourself apart” on it. That was when I realized that he wasn 't just…show more content…
For me, I find dentistry to be my passion and want to pursue in that career, a pedodontist to be exact. I absolutely love being around kids, and I have a high patience for them. When most people think of dentistry, they think, “Ew… Teeth? Gross…” To me I don 't find it to be gross or repulsive. Actually, I find it to be rather fascinating. Surprisingly as it seems, when I was younger I was actually terrified to go to the dentist at first. I had so many terrifying thoughts through my head. Growing up, I had my dental visits at Super Smiles. The hygienists and staff were very friendly and comforting. They were practically part of my life. At each visit, they would catch up on life with me, I would talk to them about everything, and they would give me some advice on what to do whenever I was having issues. Though they were all so very great to me, no one compares to my dentist, Dr. Williams. I have never seen a anyone so passionate in what they do. I have never seen anyone so great with kids, until I saw him. I mean this man has been in the field for over fifty years now. I’m sure if he didn 't retire, he would still be working. To this day, I am so grateful I got opportunity to have him in my life, he has played a major part in my field
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