Personal Statement Essay: My Philosophy Of Life

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My philosophy of life is based upon admiring people 's distinctness and embracing the omnipresent power of individuals with a diverse set of abilities, beliefs, and perspectives. I believe that diversity opens the door for human potentials. % Not only does diversity celebrate the variety of cultures, attitudes, and beliefs while cultivating equal opportunities, but also has profound influence on enriching individuals ' intellectual and social experiences. % % Similar to the essential foundations of welfare economics and social choice in human societies, fairness and equity are utmost building blocks of any academic community in higher education. % I believe that equity and diversity do not just refer to respecting and supporting various…show more content…
Recognizing these crucial values, as an educator I strive to create an environment that brings out students ' unique potentials and shows them the epiphany of their distinct values and perspectives. % As an international graduate student, I have developed a rich understanding of the subtleties of integrating to a new community, not only to the university and campus culture but also to a peculiar, and yet uniquely rich, multicultural north American society. % Over the past few years as an instructional developer, graduate student, and research associate, I have sought to harness and utilize the innate power of individuals ' differences in my teaching activities, services to academic communities and outreach, and most importantly research endeavors. % My commitment to help prospective students and paving the path for underrepresented groups by sharing my personal experiences has led me to get involved in several faculty and university wide programs. % To date, I have been involved in two mentorship programs at the University of Waterloo where I provide advice on course selection, research agenda, paper writing, and social activities to new and incoming international and domestic

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