Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Hospitality

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Due to great opportunities given to me throughout life, I have been able to realize my passion for hospitality. Nothing makes me happier than seeing and hearing people enjoy themselves be it in a restaurant or at a hotel. If I can personally help give that experience of joy to anyone, it will make my day as well. Growing up in a family that owned a restaurant I've always been around the service industry and already at a very young age I grew to love it even though I saw the hardships that it brought with it. From just running around my parent's restaurant I've gone a long way to where I am now. Ever since I was twelve I've had odd jobs in restaurants and cafes. I'd do anything from washing the dishes and brewing coffee to managing a whole…show more content…
Now when I start doubting myself and the choices I'll be making all I have to do is return to the moment, when my café was filled to the brim and all around me were smiling and laughing customers, and I'm certain again that this is what I…show more content…
In school I've pushed myself to do as well I can and academic success is what I take pride in. Already in my first year of upper secondary school I was involved with a lot of different projects in the school, such as a few international school exchanges and our schools own environment campaigns. In my second year I was privileged to get to do an exchange year in Scotland. During my year there I learned a lot about myself and fell in love with the Scottish culture. Since I was put into the last grade in high school I also did exams. I studied advanced higher music, math and English. Of these I completed half of my music certificate and for math and English I sat the exams. It was an interesting look into the way how schools outside of what I'm used to work. Since in Finland upper secondary school is already very free and we have to take responsibility for our own studies going from that to, the strict and monitored in comparison, high school environment was a challenge. It taught me a great deal about adapting to different situations. After returning to Finland I got even more involved in school activities than I ever was and I even went around classes talking about my experience abroad and encouraging others to go as well. I did half of my final exams during autumn and the rest of them are up this spring. Though daunting I'm taking them on as any other obstacle and doing my

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