Personal Statement Essay: My Love For Education

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Since the second grade, I have wanted to become a pediatrician. As I get older, my aspiration is only becoming stronger – I love math and science and working with kids. As a soon-to-be youth leader and assistant teacher at my church, I get to interact with young kids at least twice a week, and they never fail to inspire me. They motivate me to keep working towards my career and life goals so that one day I can take care of children who need my help. Another impetus that keeps me going is my love for learning. Loving to learn, I think, is what sets me apart as a student and as a individual. There are plenty of people who are smarter and more talented than I am, but because I love to learn, I will always be improving. Heavy workloads and stress from school can discourage anyone, but I try to find a way to enjoy writing essays and doing projects by making it a learning experience rather than a chore. I know college can difficult, but I also know that it can be an amazing opportunity to learn – and I’ll find a way to love it.…show more content…
In the meantime, I will look for and apply to scholarships and grants. By April of next year, I should know which colleges have accepted me, and I’ll be weighing my options (hopefully I’ll have options!). I’ll also be preparing my graduation speech, possibly as valedictorian, and studying for IB exams. When I graduate high school, I hope to be holding two diplomas – one for high school, and one for International Baccalaureate! Of course, this is just a basic one-year plan. There’s no telling what could come my way; what obstacles I may face and what opportunities may open up for me. Whatever the case may be, I am prepared to take this journey head on. One year from now, I’ll be prepared to start a new chapter of my life and to take yet another step closer to accomplishing my goals and

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