Personal Statement Essay: My Life I Want For My Future

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We all know what it 's like to sit inside four plain walls, 5 days a week, 200 days a year for 13 years. As these years are about to end for me I have started to realise that school has not only taught me my 1,2,3s and my A,B,C’s, it has made me in to the man I am today.
After attending Hastings Boy’s High School the past 5 & half years, I have learnt many things, about myself as a person, I have acquired life skills, and a clearer idea of what I want for my future.
I am a keen sportsman. I play many sports, Indoor netball, football, surf lifesaving, surfing and canoe polo. With hard work and determination I have gained many rep honours, I have represented, Hawkes Bay Age group football, Hawkes Bay in surf lifesaving and U21 New Zealand canoe polo and the men 's eastern canoe polo team this year. I am also hoping to make the u21 New Zealand canoe polo team next year that travels to the world championships in Italy. Without having the opportunity that was
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Well just this year i have learnt more about myself than any other years. After spending most of my time last year mucking around I did very little when it came to work, leaving a lot of it to the last minute. I ended up rushing to finish things where I got the big fat F written on my final papers. My final grade came up very poorly which really brought me back to reality this is not how the real world works. With my eyes set on going to EIT to become a primary school, I have learnt that i need to “really pull my finger out” as my mum always say. Which is when I came straight down to school and was lucky enough to be given a 2nd life line. I was able to attend boys high once more to complete my level 3 studies. Looking back now I am very grateful for the chance to be able to come back to school as i feel I am ready to move on in life now having my level 3 qualifications giving me more of an open spectrum for my

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