Personal Statement: Creating A Business

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1. I am studying Business Administration here at UF because in the future I hope to be a successful businesswoman. Since the early age of 6, I was an entrepreneur. When I was six, I began my own business in my community, and sold products (toys) on the block that I no longer wanted in order to make a profit. This past summer, I created my own jewelry company and it was a success from the start. I used social media to advertise, sales skills to move forward and generate more revenue, and my artistic ability to create products. I see myself as someone with a strong drive to make it in the business world.
2. In five years, I see myself owning and running my own company. I hope to have learned the marketing and advertising skills I need so that I can keep up with society’s rapidly growing economy. I see myself owning a company because throughout my life, I have always thought about and
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I believe that watching “Creating a Business Plan” will help me in developing myself professionally as a future business owner. It will give me insight on where to start in how to begin a business, help me account for any financial risks I may face, give me a better understanding for the market in which I will compete, give me the best ways to sell my product or service, give insight on how to manage administrative functions that can support my business, help me figure out how many people I need to hire, what positions I need to hire for my company or business, and other key factors. Another very important aspect the Creating a Business Plan video will teach is helping me to price my products or services. Knowing how to tackle these aspects are essential in beginning a business. One of the most important things to learn about in this course is how to prepare for a crisis and how to handle the crisis if it arises because moving past it is necessary. This video will be of great assistance to me because I am going to graduate with a minor in entrepreneurship and want to own a
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