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Personal Statement: College Throughout life, there are different interests that you discover and become passionate about. Many commit themselves to some sort of club or activity, especially through middle school and high school. Some of these activities or clubs, you may be participate in for the rest of your life or it could be a temporary thing. It shapes you as a person you are though without even realizing it, because it plays a huge factor in the people you hang out with and the things you enjoy doing. Sometimes people join clubs or find something to do that will one way or another end up helping others; like an act of service, but other times people want to just be apart of something and have something to do in their spare time. The activities you choose to do can be vital when it comes to teaching you life skills that you may not be taught in school like teamwork, patience, determination, desire, the love for helping, and so much more. Therefore whatever you do in life, enjoy it, because it will effect the person you become when you get older. By engaging in these clubs in high school, you tend to set yourself up for potential colleges to look at and scout you. They are going to look for the students that are going to succeed in their program and it gives them the idea that you can keep your grades up while staying involved in extracurricular activities. For high school students that are considering college, this is huge. Colleges are looking to build their student body on student’s that put the work in the effort to make it better. There are three factors that I demonstrate that will benefit the college community: academic interests, extracurricular activities, and life experiences. Initially, the question you’... ... middle of paper ... ...hip, teamwork, patience, and to never give up. We don’t truly understand how important high school is until we have experienced it and have a full understanding on how much it has truly affected our lives and people we will grow to become. The clubs and activities will not only shape who I will be but they will help determine my future by affecting the college I will attend. It is all about what will happen in the future, and basically high school prepares you and sets you up for your future. The things you will learn in your high school career are things you will never forget and probably things you will never want to forget. The biggest part of high school for me was being a State Champion and All-State player in my senior year of volleyball, the friendships I have made, and the traits I learned. In a result of all of these things, I became the person I am today.
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