Personal Statement: A Career in Computer Science

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I’m currently working on an Information Technology (IT) department as the admin for the network. I have acquired my Master’s Degree in Engineering System Management. But still. I would want to pursue my degree in Computer Science. I would like to finish the said degree because of various reasons. First, I really have good skills in programming, and in developing software and hardware. The field of computer science optimize the use of computers in solving real world problems. These utilizes the designing of computer programs – which are known as software – as well as the development of the hardware. The degree is not just about programming. In this degree, the architecture of the computers on how they are built are explored. Also, I am so interested in learning the concepts behind each software such as that of databases and operating systems. I also believe that algorithms can be utilized and design to solve problems. Computer science also can cover interesting topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, and multimedia – things that interest me. I used to teach computer since high school so I would like to increase my knowledge about computers in such way that I can impart to others this knowledge at the same time, I can develop my own interests on computers. Computer Science has been an interesting degree to me since it involves a lot of programming. When I master programming, I get to be interested with broader systems of software. The field of computer science can explore a wide range of means of solving world problems. Another reason that inspires me to pursue my degree in computer science is the countless opportunities that awaits me in the industry. The said degree has been an in-demand course globally ... ... middle of paper ... ... of the field is the development of applications in mobile phones. Applications such as “Two-fuse”, “Angry Bird”, “Temple Run”, and “Candy Crush” are developed mostly by computer scientists. I am so much interested in exploring these applications through efficient programming. I feel that it is so fulfilling to accomplish such applications. I would also want to develop or create software out of my own mind. There has been these “joy of creation” to the computer science field. These “creation” can also accompany revenue. When one developed an in demand application or software, it can be released to the market of great value. So there’s a lot of potential money in programming. I am abundantly interested on computers and through computer science, I know that I will learn more about it and I would be able to contribute to the continuously adapting computer technology.