Personal Statement: A Career In Criminal Justice

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I am a thirty two year old single mother, who is a returning student to Empire State College after a three year break. I began at Empire State College in 2011 with hopes of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to that, I graduated from SUNY Genesee Community College with my associates in Criminal Justice in 2004 and I thought my college days were done; that there was no further need to advance my education to just be a police officer. However, getting into a full time police position was much more difficult than I ever imagined. At the time in 2011, I was working full time dispatching for the NYS Park Police, and working for two other part time police agencies working a variety and multitude of shifts. The feeling of being overwhelmed was a constant struggle, but I surprised myself that with hard work I was able to make good grades. Fast forward a…show more content…
The only difference is that two require more than just and associates degree. I bring in a vast knowledge and experience in the criminal justice field, but I do not have the further education that I would need in order to pursue an Investigator or Probation officer. I come to Empire with my Associates Degree in Applied Science and with a certified police officer training status from New York State. One other area that has decreased my goals is the fact that there are civil services examinations that are required for these positions. As a police officer, I have taken the police test many times, and passed. However, where I place on the list is about midrange. In order for me to become an investigator I would need to be first hired with civil service status, and then take additional tests to become eligible for a position. Once hired, I would need to complete and pass additional training classes for investigators. Some of these classes would include Evidence Technician, Interrogation just to name a

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