Personal Statement: A Career As A Pharmacist

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I selected pharmacy because I have a sincere interest in the field of study and a desire to help people. I’ve always been extremely interested in science, especially in chemistry and biology. I began looking into careers in which I could continue studying these subjects, using the information in a practical way. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have eliminated areas of health care, and narrowed my focus to pharmaceutical health services based on my strengths. I know pharmacists face challenges everyday and I feel that I am driven enough to persevere and find solutions. Obtaining acceptance into a Doctor of Pharmacy program is the first step in reaching my immediate academic goal. My professional goal is to practice as a licensed pharmacist;…show more content…
In high school, I worked at a local jewelry store, learning effective communication with customers, employers, and coworkers, and time management skills. Next, I worked as a packer for a moving company; this required working long, exhausting shifts, much like health care professionals. As a packer, I had to be efficient and organized. These skills have already benefited me as a pharmacy technician. I have also held various work-study jobs on campus, which demands flexibility and adaptation to different work environments. At this time, I am working as a pharmacy technician at a Hy-Vee. I am quickly developing skills that will allow me to become a successful pharmacist. One of the most important observations I have made is the way in which each pharmacist interacts with every patient, and how valuable that interaction is. Many of the patients we serve are battling illnesses that impact their health, emotions, families, jobs, and so many other aspects of their life. I know that being a pharmacist is more than just approving the sale of medicine. I know that I can help patients in a deeper way, to provide comfort, and to be available to answer questions when doctors are

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