Personal Statement : ' 8 Miles Today '

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8 Miles today…... I am too transparent to paint a pretty picture of this morning 's run, and to sincere for false humility. The truth is, I SERIOUSLY contemplated not going today. My heart, mind, and body are EXHAUSTED, possibly dehydrated, and a little beat up leaving me weak and doubting my capacity to complete this 8-mile undertaking with strength and endurance. I could also list a multitude of complaints consistently emanating from the depths of my muscles and bones, but what gain is there in that? I literally rolled out of bed at 5:00 a.m. and slothfully prepare to run trying to remember that the hardest part, deciding to go, is now behind me. 6.63 miles through the humid, sweaty, seemingly slow run it occurs to me……In a world that celebrates mediocrity, it is the ability to follow through when it seems so impossible that sets us apart. It is this ability that sets ME apart. I don’t mean to be harsh here, but let’s be honest. If the odds are stacked in your favor you should be expected to succeed. We commemorate success in a circumstance where it SHOULD be possible. However, this is NOT where God does his greatest work. It is only in the weakness of our humanity that His strength is able to shine, though. (2 Corinthians 12:10) Permit me a few examples to clarify……. First, a person is able to purchase a home because their parents gave them the down payment, loaned them the money, or they were able to live with their family rent free while saving enough money is accomplishing the possible. Congratulations, I don’t want to diminish the excitement of being about to purchase a home and there certainly is a level of self-discipline that goes into paying back a loan or saving a significant amount of money. But le... ... middle of paper ... ...s, or bringing forth water from a dry solid rock. It was when Moses rendered himself to God that these impossibilities became possible. In today 's society, we have gotten into the habit of celebrating mediocrity, the things that should be accomplishable. Not only have we dismissed God altogether in many life’s circumstances, but we have forgotten that we serve a God that want to do what’s IMPOSSIBLE, not just humanly possible or expected. Dare to do what seems impossible. It is the time that we are people that stand up and step out in strength, armed with faith, especially when to feel ill-equipped for the task before us. It is this choice that sets us apart. Only when we are at our most depleted, most incapable, that His strength and promises shine through accomplishing what is believed, not the mediocrity of what’s possible, but the boldly impossible.
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