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The idea of communication and networking has been always my interest, starting from 1999, when I was just 11 years old and I had a very ordinary computer. I had always wanted to connect my computer to other devices or other computers. But I could not because of lack of knowledge as well as information at that time. Moreover, lack of communication devices was another reason. My dream came true when I was accepted at College of science in Computer Department. Immediately after graduating from the college, my dream has been fulfilled to work on networking field at Korek Telecom Company. In 2005 I was accepted at College of science in computer department, from that time the computer have become a part of my life. But I mostly interested in computer networking, which is my favorite field in order to connect computers and make life easier in place. When I was a student in the college, I created a small lab network and it was tested academically to be used in many environments. Meanwhile, I was a member in a group, which we have created an intranet web site, a web based database, small chat software and installing an intranet mail server. Having huge computer labs along with many communication devices have extremely excited me to work in networking field. It was a great experience and I achieved a very good mark in Networking at the fourth stage in computer science. Finally, my bachelor dissertation was on computer networking with distinction level. Computer Technology has been growing rapidly for the last decade, and its importance to the modern world has led me to pursue it to a higher level and achieving postgraduate. More to say, I am eager to further my knowledge, and keep up with advances in the world of computing and in Computer ... ... middle of paper ... ...ducation environment with appropriate teaching method and up-to-date teaching facilities. I also realize that United States is one of the best countries with an international reputation for innovative education, leading edge, practical research, and high ranking in the world. Studying the specified fields would for sure help my country simply because the way of studying is more advanced and progressive there and I think it’s very important to get more experience to help the students in our universities. Finally, I truly know that I will enjoy my time there very much, and hence, would like to continue my studies in your university to further improve my future prospects and my professional life. Thank you in advance for considering my application. It would be a great honor for me if given an opportunity to pursue further studies at your highly esteemed university.

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