Personal Statement

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Zhanna Kurmangaziyeva
Personal Statement
Educational system in universities differs from one another. Students are taught new material which is usually memorization of known things. Albert Einstein mentioned that it is miracle that curiosity still survives after receiving formal education. For me Biology is very important, interesting and challenging study, however, I agree with Bryan H. McGill who once wrote that curiosity is one of the greatest secrets of happiness. Being able to question how human body, cell or even virus work makes it one of the fundamental studies in the world which I have chosen to explore the world myself. Experiences in the high school and university projects have led me to develop my passion for Biology and my desire to be an intern in summer program organized by the University of Wisconsin- Madison.
Study of Biology consists of mainly two parts laboratory work and theory. Being 3rd year student in Nazarbayev University I had experienced how theory learned in class can be applied in the laboratory and vice a versa. To gain more experience I volunteered to w...

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