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First of all I should say that it is my great honor to be officially admitted into Hangzhou Foreign Language School. It's without exaggeration to say that I am counting the day to participate into this community. To get a better and deeper understanding of me, I will firstly give a brief introduction of myself, mainly focusing on my strong and weak points as well as my achievement. I always put forward confidence as one of my most prominent characteristics. I have faith in myself no matter what kind of frustrations I confront. Because of this, I set myself a high goal and try hard to get that. I think this is the beginning of how everything works. Honestly, I used to be a really shy boy, feeling rather uneasy to interact with people around me back then in my elementary school. It was one unknown English competition that changed my personality. I made a fairly good preparation for this and won a good prize in the ultimate final. Therefore, I think I am, and always will be thankful for the English competition, not only does it raise my English proficiency, but it also to a large extent build my confidence. I attended one of the most prestigious English competition throughout China named CCTV STAR OF OUTLOOK ENGLISH TALENT COMPETITION this year for a second time, and I was honored the champion of Ningbo, the champion of Semi-finals in Zhejiang, some accidents took place in my finals though. I think attending competition will enable you to get access with loads of excellent students and compete with them under certain rules, while the process of competition is especially inspiring because it definitely bring you confidence when you are widely acknowledged. One particular gesture can help me to illustrate my confidence. I did a 2-we... ... middle of paper ... ... running. I have to confess that neither am I specifically good at, but I constantly regard sport as a major relaxation or recreation rather than a competition in which you should try hard to beat others. I am in favor of music, whatever kind. It's even better if the background of the music is a little bit sad and emotional. I used to be good at singing, but currently I am undergoing a mutation, which has a negative impact on my singing skills. I have confidence that when pass this period, I will continue to have a sexy voice and convince my audience. This is so much what I have in mind that I want to share with you. I am assured this is something unique about myself. I hope that this description will improve your comprehension towards me and it is best to have some myths about my personality that you will be happy to find out in the near future.

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