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Project management became relevant in my life long before I even understood its propensity. It began at age fourteen when I started a neighborhood club for kids with the ambitious mission to save the earth. To create the project, my first agenda item was to recruit new members. I carried this out by going door to door and explaining my cause to the neighbors and asking if they would allow their kids to join the club. I then hosted a first meeting in my parent’s garage and was able to form an inspiring group of 6 members. As the head of the club I developed our first undertaking, which was to ask our neighbors to donate their cans for the group to recycle. To do so, I asked every member to collect as many empty cans as they could and each week I designated two members to accompany my mother to the grocery store to recycle the cans for money. The money earned was then used for our monthly “flyer party” where we would discuss ideas over lunch and hand craft flyers in which we would tape to our neighbors’ door, informing them on ways in which they could conserve. A little project manager, already hard at work! Ten years later, my childhood obscurity became a full blown love affair. Taking various elements of project and finding a way for them to align, compliment and deepen a shared focus became the compass for my career ambitions. I went on to study Communications at the California State University, Fullerton and developed a connection with conceptual messaging and creative design. I joined the advertising club and won 3rd place in the first competition I entered for a print ad design. I was a top performer of my website & HTML design class, and the only student in the class whose final project -- which was to find a local... ... middle of paper ... and the company objective. As a student in the MSPMGT program, I look forward to learning more about what Dr. Linda Henderson has to say about group dynamics and communication in project management given personal experiences I have had on teams, as well as hearing more about her research on women and the influence of their communication competencies when determining project successes. I know I would prove to be a reliable and dependable classmate, supporting each individual on their journey in the MSPMGT program. I am thoughtful in with my words, creative with my ideas and dedicated to producing favorable results. I am committed to making positive contributions from my learning experiences at USF in my role at Stanford. The University of San Francisco is a top-notch institution one in which I’d be proud to further pursue my studies and achieve my dreams.

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