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There are few certainties of what one will encounter during life. A common joke names two: death and

taxes. I would be so bold as to add one more, disease. Of the three, the one certainty human beings have the most

“control” over is disease. Death is inevitable and as long as governments exist, so are taxes. Disease is also

inevitable, however, there are methods to combat the recurrences, spread and danger of this malady. My dream is to

learn the techniques required to assist my fellow human beings in their struggle against disease.

Since graduating college I have given considerable thought toward finding the best path to blaze in pursuit

of this quest. In doing so, I have had to face mistakes that I made during my time at Pitzer College. I committed a

grievous error of judgment due to an underlying lack of maturity. Being young and naïve I did both my girlfriend of

the time and myself a tremendous disservice by completing her work for her. This increasingly heavy load is

responsible for the downward slope in my grades. Through college I found it neigh impossible to ask for help, as the

thought petrified me. From an early age, my father mistakenly led me to believe that if I did not instantly grasp a

concept I would be looked down upon with the utmost disapproval and pity for someone who is so stupid. My

grades faltered because I relied solely on class notes and my own abilities, to succeed. Since graduating college, I

have learned that there is nothing wrong with asking questions or seeking help. Professors did not look down on you

for seeking their assistance. My improved performance since graduating is a display of my new willingness to ask

for clarification or assistance as well as the time t...

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...llenge what is inevitable and to do this with no expectation of fame or reward, is what

being a doctor means to me.

Having determined my calling in life, I will not allow anything to interfere with attainment of this goal. I

understand not all medicine is life and death situations. I eagerly anticipate both the edge of your seat cases along

with the more routine ones. I know that all medicine is not a success, that there are many pitfalls along the road; I

believe with all my heart that my place is to follow this road. I have made mistakes in the past and I take full

responsibility for them. While I continue to learn from them, I have been able to forge myself into a person who has

the compassion, the desire, the love, the dedication and the capacity to survive, no, thrive during the trials and

tribulations of medical school and the rigors beyond.

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